The 2015 edition of the Montreal Comiccon was a blast! We had a great time overall at the convention and ended up attending all 3 days of the convention. We got to meet legendary comic artis Mike Zeck, we got to discuss the WildStorm days with the incredible artist Whilce Portacio, and also interact with a lot of fellow geeks and nerds. What made this year’s edition even more special is that we actually hosted a panel about webcomics and got the opportunity to show off our webcomics discover tool: WebcomicsHub.

As promised to everyone that attended our panel, we have uploaded the presentation for anybody to download. Click here to download our presentation: DISCOVERING A MILLION AND ONE WEBCOMICS. Check out more pics of the comiccon below

montreal-comiccon-2015-mike-zeck montreal-comiccon-2015-panel-preparations montreal-comiccon-2015-panel-1 montreal-comiccon-2015-panel-2 montreal-comiccon-2015-mascarade-1 montreal-comiccon-2015-mascarade-2