Funny how sometimes the world turns… Now that I’m back into drawing and enjoying the benefits of posting my work on social media for instant feedback, you never know what kind of surprising interactions might come out of it. One of my early friends from when i was 10 years old noticed my previous drawing (War Machine) and asked me if I could draw him an Optimus Prime, when we were classmates that’s all I used to do since i was fascinated with Transformers (and still do). I thought it was a great idea and to make it even sweeter he wanted dedicated to his youngest son who happens to be a big fan. So I gladly did and incorporated his son’s name in the dialog since they wanted to print it and hang it in his room. I have not spoken to my friend since high school and now 20 years later I’m doing a drawing for his son. Life is a trip sometimes… a great one! Roberto     optimus optimussteps