Well this is my first post on the newly awesome website designed by Mifty, and let me tell you, it is very exciting times ahead. Fueled by a new motivation for us to complete the works that we started but never finish, we call it code name “DOERS” we are now pledging as individuals with great talent to get this creativity flowing and going for the masses to see thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet. It has been a long time since we no longer were dependent on publishers to get our work seen by people who love the art of comic books but we were all in different places in our lives. Many times starting projects but as things dragged on and no real deadlines were set, these projects never saw the light of day.  After many talks of motivation between myself, Mifty and Tariq, we have decided to implement the approach of many successful people for example like “THE ROCK” who wakes up at 4 AM to do his daily demanding workout, and we are also taking the Nike slogan in a literal sense, we will no longer be able to come up with any kind of excuses, failure is not an option and pain is our friend. We will complete all the works we were meant to create and the only reason we are doing it is…. because WE CAN! Now sit back and enjoy the ride, because multiple updates on a regular basis will come our way. We do this for ourselves because we enjoy our work and for those who share the same enthusiasm for exciting comic book art and stories. Looking forward to this incredible journey since the only thing we see is up ahead. Roberto Garcia, Benny Crew Studios