This is a sketch called ‘finger off the trigger’. In any police or military training, you are supposed to always have the finger off the trigger to prevent accidental weapon discharge. And that was what inspired this drawing. I chose to do a sketch of my character Risk Tyler from my webcomic Dead Hostages. It was a sketch to who the actual process of digitial illustration from start to finish.


I do everything digitally. So, it starts off with a quick sketch. It is then followed by simple penciling and then the final inks. Here are the steps:

  • STEP 1 of a quick 3 step process- quick sketch of my character: art-step-1
  • Step 2 – complete the basic look of the drawing, setting up your thin, thick lines and shadows and in this case I added an urban alleyway background… next is cleaning the lines and add details: art-step-2
  • Step 3 – taking my time to fix lines and details, also messing with a little bit of shadows and lighting. Please don’t forget to be introduced to and enjoy reading the first 8 pages of my webcomic. art-step-3