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Benny Crew Studios has been creating awesomeness since 1996. Along the way, we have created various webcomics, comic books and various digital properties. Over the years, we've created various comic books, webcomics and character art. Our goal is to share many of these creations through this site. We love to draw and we have a wild imagination. It also helps that our team consists of creative individuals with backgrounds in graphic design, video editing and software development and all things digital.

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Dead Hostages Webcomic

After over ten years of silence, Roberto Garcia returns with a brand new comic book in webcomic format: Dead Hostages! This is the trailer to this epic action-...

UFX Webcomic

UFX takes place in a near-distant future in which augmented humans are used as war machines....

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Batman vs. Iron Man

So, we recently had a debate about who had the better armour: Batman vs. Iron Man. I personally hated the armoured Batman and find it hard to believe that there...

Highlights of the 2016 Montreal Comiccon

The 2016 Edition of the Montreal Comiccon featured many highlights for us. We got to meet a lot talented artists and comic book fans, we got to see Carlton from...

Finally Finished my Star Wars: Force Awakens Poster

In January, Rob had challenged me to do a Star Wars Force awakens poster that features Old Luke Skywalker, Rey and Chewbacca. Well 6 months later, it is finally completed, just in time for the Montreal Comic Con panel that Rob and I are hosting.

We’ll be at the 2016 Montreal ComicCon!

I'm proud to announce that we will be hosting a panel at the Montreal ComicCon for the second year in a row. Last year, our panel was on webcomics and the vario...

My Review of the HUION GT220 IPS Pen Display

Check out my YouTube review of the HUION GT220 IPS Pen Display. The Huion GT220 is an excellent tool for any digital artist on a budget. Huion has been aggressively pursuing digital artists like myself to try out their tablet.

Check out my commercial for Huion

pUqy0LGDyb0 Sometimes, you get fortunate enough to promote a product that you believe in and get paid to do so. I was lucky enough to partner up with Huion to ...

‘finger off the trigger’ sketch

This is a sketch called 'finger off the trigger'. In any police or military training, you are supposed to always have the finger off the trigger to prevent accidental weapon discharge. And that was what inspired this drawing.