UFX::Resonance Artwork from Tarik – Part 2

Yesterday, I uploaded part 1 of Tarik’s artwork from UFX::Resonance. Here is the other page of UFX::Resonance that Tarik did.
UFX::Resonance artwork from Tarik part 2

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UFX::Resonance Artwork from Tarik – Part 1

UFX::Resonance Artwork From Tarik
A couple of years ago, Tarik decided to redraw the Japan Scene from UFX::Resonance. It’s always amazing to see how two different artists interpret the same script.

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Artwork From 2004

All the comic pages that have been posted so far are pages that were done since 2004. We still have a lot of upgrades and fixes to do to the website. Until then, the old 2004 artwork will stay until the upgrade is complete.

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