Technology for Drawing just keeps getting better! Bamboo Spark

Wacom has just released a new video for a pen than seems to be from the future! The pen was originally released on September 2015, this new video seems to aim at artists instead of business note taking. When I was a kid I did a presentation at school about a pen that writes itself, and can do the homework for you. People in my class were listening to every word. And the punch line was, when it was time for the demonstration, I then said I had no batteries and everybody was either laughing or annoyed.

Now this future pen is here thanks to Wacom’s Bamboo Spark! Well sort off… It may not do your homework, but it will digitize anything you do on paper. How cool is that. No need for special tablet or special monitor surface… but is there limitations? Unfortunately this an introduction video and I do not know of the details yet, but never the less this is something that could potentially change the game. We will see how Artists respond to this, It may not be as useful for full editing and coloring, but for sketching and ideas on the go and retaining the original 1st copy for art collectors is a very interesting option!

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