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Sketch “Finger off the trigger”

Well it took a while, put production is under way for the full first book of Dead Hostages. This is…


So finally a week later, I feel like I’m getting back in the groove of things after an amazing experience…

Trailer – Page 008

page 8 and final page of the dead hostages trailer

Trailer – Page 007

page 07 of dead hostages

Trailer – Page 006

page 06 of dead hostages

Trailer – page 005

This is page 05 of the trailer

Trailer – Page 004

This is page 04 of the trailer for dead hostages

Trailer – Page 003

This is page 003 of the trailer

Trailer – Page 002

This is page 002 of the trailer

Trailer – Page 001

This is page 01 of dead hostages

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