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So, after a long hiatus, page 10 is finally up. This page is my first attempt at drawing “Force Push“. Dave and I had a disagreement on how Force Push works. I believe that it is more of a whirlwind effect that pushes air while he believes that it is more of a kinetic effect that only moves the desired object. Regardless, I took some artistic liberties with the Force Push effect on panel 1…

I’d say the greatest frame of reference for how Force push works would have to be The Duel in Episode III, the point where Obi-Wan and Anakin are pushing at each other at the same time but it’s still very vague. One would think a purely telekinetic blast wouldn’t be blocked in that way, while a purely elemental wind blast would blow around a lot more during the buildup of energy there. So, Force Push would probably be somewhere in-between, a sort of kinetic wind energy… thing.


I would think that jedi could do both: either use their telekinetic powers on the air (whirlwind) or on the subject itself.

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