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this is by far your best of the fight pages. They do actually look like they are fighting and that the moves of one character forces the other character to react accordingly.

In the second panel, you can see how the sith guy is forcing the jedi to reterat and vice versa in the third.

I really like the last two panels and always think your coloring is super cool ( I would love to see you ink the jedi chick I drew).

There are a couple of things that stand out. The first panel, I think the trajectory of the swords is off. Not sure beut either they are too close or I think the vapor from the swords should go through one another, otherwise it looks like the swords don’t touch.
In the last panel, the top half of the sith guy is perfect but his legs don’t look like they go with the body. (does not look like it is attached) Continue the line from the hips and you’ll see what I mean. Otherwise real cool, I look forward to seeing the next page. Hey when does the other guy get involved? Or is too cool for this fight.

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