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Since Dave and I have not made any significant updates in quite some time, we decided to release the full script for chapter one of Star Wars X. It was always agreed that we would release the script after a full year. So here it is. Note that there are spoilers, so if you prefer to wait until the artwork is available, don’t read any further…

A long time ago
In a galaxy far, far away…


Two thousand years before
The rise of the Galactic Empire,
Jedi Master Phanius leaves the Jedi Council
And takes the name Darth Ruin.
He unites several Sith cults,
Organizing the Dark Jedi
Into a new order of Dark Lords of the Sith.
He is eventually betrayed and destroyed.
In the absence of a leader,
The Sith fight both the Jedi and amongst themselves.
This period lasts for one thousand years
And is known as the New Sith Wars.

Darth Morbis leads a Sith cult
Inspired by the Sith Warlord Adas.
Supported by his apprentice Nai’Kage,
Morbis gathers power in an attempt
To return the Dark Jedi to the glory
Of the ancient Sith.

Planet Kashyyyk
1622 BBY (Galactic Standard Calendar)

Deep in the lower jungle of Kashyyyk, Nai’Kage and Morbis stand in the middle of a small clearing. The nearby bushes are smoldered and burning, and 7 robed bodies lie around the Sith.

Nai’Kage: The jedi are all dead, Master.

One of the jedi slowly gets to his feet and activates his lightsaber. He is clearly injured but determined.

Jedi: Not all, you bastards!

As the jedi leaps towards Morbis and swings his lightsaber, Nai’Kage activates his double-bladed lightsaber and blocks the attack. Morbis never moves. Nai’Kage and the jedi parry for a little while before the jedi force-pushes Nai’Kage back and turns towards Morbis. The Master fires 5 small metal disks from a lanvarok on his left wrist. The jedi stumbles back with his hand up and the disks stop in the air 2 feet from him.

Jedi: Darkness will never defeat the light…

Morbis [pressing a button on the lanvarok]: Heh.

The disks explode, spraying the jedi across the jungle.
Nai’Kage looks down at what is left of the jedi, grunts softly and nudges the body with his boot (almost to confirm that he is really dead).

Nai’Kage: Do you think they knew we would be here?

Morbis: That is unlikely. House Pelagia is not aware that we exist. These Jedi were probably conducting training exercises.

The sith continue walking through the jungle.

Nai’Kage: So they didn’t even realize they were so close to the Rakatan shrine?

Morbis: When the Builders conquered this world, they left behind a star-map. It has already been plundered, so this area has been ignored or forgotten for centuries. But I believe that the Rakata left other force sensitive technology that might be useful.

They find rune covered stones forming a crude archway to another small clearing.

Morbis: We are close now.

When the sith enter the clearing, the star-map activates (but is damaged and crackles/flickers slightly).

Morbis: Can you feel the darkness permeating everything around us, Shadow Hand? The scrolls describe a stolen gem that was hidden here by a Rakatan slave.

The Builders were trying to enhance their connection to the dark force. The records are incomplete, but it appears they may have succeeded with a crystal they named Infinity Storm. Then it was stolen during their civil war…

The foliage at the edge of the clearing starts to move, and something roars.

Morbis: Of course, you will need to deal with the guardian.

Nai’Kage [turning, looking surprised]: Right, the… what?

Morbis: The dark force has corrupted the surroundings and now it focuses its hostility on intruders.

A Rancor/dinosaur-like creature lunges out of the jungle, snarling. The crystal (yellow and black) is embedded in its forehead.

Nai’Kage: That’s just great…

Nai’Kage attacks the creatures legs/lower-front body with his lightsaber, but does little damage as the creature runs him over. It turns very quickly and picks him up in its hand. Nai’Kage slashes at it again, still with no result.

Nai’Kage: This isn’t working.

As the creature pulls him towards its mouth, he reaches for the gem.

Morbis: No! Don’t touch the stone!

Nai’Kage grips the gem and rips it out of the creature’s forehead (this can be bloody). He and the creature are surrounded by an explosion of power, and Morbis is thrown back by the shock wave. The creature is completely incinerated, while Nai’Kage falls to the ground, blazing with fire (which would certainly remove a lot of his hair).

Nai’Kage [kneeling and looking at his burning hands/body]: Aaarh…

Suddenly, the fire extinguishes, and Nai’Kage stands unsteadily.

Morbis: Are you all right?

Nai’Kage [holding the gem out to Morbis]: I think it’s passed. This is the gem then… the Infinity Storm? I felt so much power, I thought it would destroy me.

Morbis looks at it suspiciously (try to make the helmet eyes look dark/suspicious…)

Morbis: You should hold it until we can analyze it more carefully.

Nai’Kage puts the gem in his belt (pouch…).
They leave the clearing and return to their transport ship, which is positioned beside a rocky cliff with dark jungle all around.

Transport ships

The door/ramp opens and bright light pours out.
Three dark figures are vaguely seen in the flood of light (dressed in red robes, but no helmets)

Morbis walks towards the sith ship, turns and angrily addresses Nai’Kage.

Morbis: You have betrayed me, Nai’Kage!

Nai’Kage [very surprised]: What are you talking about, Master?

Morbis: I told you not to touch the gem. You tried to steal the power for yourself.

Morbis [turning to the other sith]: Kill him.

While the sith are still surrounded by light, three red lightsabers are activated.
The sith exit the transport and move to surround Nai’Kage. Furor casts lightning which briefly electrocutes/paralyzes Nai’Kage. During this time, Umb’r moves in with his lightsaber. But Nai’Kage recovers and kicks Umb’r back, then holds out his hand and drains the 3rd sith (sort of a purple haze/cloud from the hand) who falls to the ground. Nai’Kage activates his lightsaber and engages Furor. While they are dueling, Umb’r engages as well. Nai’Kage parries using the two blades of his lightsaber. As the fighting becomes more intense, Nai’Kage releases a force wall (force wave that pushes out in all directions), throwing both sith back (about 15 feet).

Morbis: Enough!

Your power is insignificant compared to mine.

Red power surrounds Morbis. He turns to the cliff and levitates a very large section of earth/rock. He drops this on Nai’Kage.

Umb’r and Furor scramble out of the debris (the 3rd sith is extremely deceased).

Furor: Should we recover the crystal, Master?

Morbis: No. It is corrupted now.

The transport leaves the planet.

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