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U-Force 1997 Poster

By adminSunday - January 2nd, 2011Categories: General Talk

Here is a poster for U-Force that dates back to 1997.. It was inspired by Ghostface and Raekwon’s album cover for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…

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Welcome to the U-FORCE Webcomic

By adminTuesday - December 28th, 2010Categories: General Talk

Welcome to the U-FORCE webcomic! U-FORCE was a project started in 1991 by a bunch of high school kids who loved comic books. We formed our own comic book company called Team Comic and came up with a concept of having a comic book in which various pages are drawn by different artists. Each U-FORCE comic book was drawn by 2 or more artists, with their own distinctive style. Nearly 20 years later, an archive of the entire U-FORCE comic book was found and converted into an online comic for all to enjoy…

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