This story is based on the universe, characters and/or situations created and owned by Lucasfilm Ltd. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. Please do not sue us (all of our money is tied up in comic books and Star Wars action figures). A warning would suffice.

While we see many sites for StarWars fan fiction (and some extremely clever fan movies), we feel that there are not enough fan comics (although “Star Wars Fandom Comics” at www.swnsu.com is definitely worth checking out). Marvel and Dark Horse have provided remarkable quantities of comics, but these aren’t often readily available. With respect to any existing material, we do not mean to infringe on any intellectual property.

We have been fans since Episode IV was released. Maybe not obsessive fans, but we waited in the rain to see the movies on opening day, read some of the comics and played many of the video games. This story describes events that we would enjoy seeing in the Star Wars universe. Since my artist and myself are more likely to focus on the Sith and wartime events, rarely involving relatively gentle creatures such as Ewoks, we humorously refer to the story as “Star Wars X” (for eXtreme Star Wars). We realize that this could be misinterpreted as referring to a 10th chapter in the original series. This is not the case.

Content in the story may not be fit for children under 13, based on violence and grim (often Sith related) topics. The story will probably not include much in the way of emotional human relationships, and will certainly not include pornography.


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