Darth Maul’s Training Day Artwork From Ornicar

From on Tuesday - May 18th, 2010
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Darth Maul Training Day
I recently came across this amazing artwork from ornicar at ConceptArt.org. It features an image of Darth Maul attacking a Rancor. It is truly beautiful. Since I will be having a Rancor fight soon in SWX (oops, spoiler alert) , I figure that I would share one of my inspirations.

I also really liked more of his artwork. Here are other images created by ornicar.

Darth Maul Prototype
X-Wing Battle
Storm Trooper  ATAT-1000
Jabba the Hut and bounty hunter

Once again, I want to stress that THIS IS NOT MY ARTWORK!! It’s the work of ornicar. You can see more of his excellent artwork at ConceptArt.org

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