Darth Fera from Star Wars X

Sith Warrior: Darth Ferra

Darth Ferra is the wife of the Dark Lord Morbis. As a student of the dark side, Ferra studied the ancient Sith magics and attained proficiency as a sorceress. Being a Sith sorceress, Ferra can use many ancient Sith magics to her advantage…

Darth Furor from Star Wars X

Sith Warrior: Darth Furor

Darth Furor is a Force-sensitive Sith Master who has studied many aspects of Bogan also known as The dark side of the Force. Darth Furor believes that all sentient beings are Force-sensitive and that this Force can be extracted from them…

Sith Dark Lord Morbis from Star Wars X

Sith Dark Lord: Darth Morbis

The Sith Dark Lord, Darth Morbis is the leader of a Sith cult inspired by the Sith Warlord Adas. Supported by his apprentice Nai’Kage, Morbis is secretly gathering power in an attempt To return the Dark Jedi to the glory of the ancient Sith

Sith Warrior: Nai’Kage

Sith Warrior: Nai’Kage

Nai’Kage is a human Sith Warrior. The apprentice of the Sith Lord, Darth Morbis, he was taken at an early age to be trained in the ways of the dark side of the Force. During his training, any show of fear was severely punished by Morbis, and any hint of mercy rewarded with cruelty…

Darth Umb'r from Star Wars X

Sith Warrior: Darth Umb’r

Darth Umb’r is a member of The Morgukai, a secret society of the Nikto people of Kintan. His sect, The Morgukai are renowned for their intense hatred of the Jedi as well as their strict code of honor. Although Umb’r had a profound hated for the Jedi Order, he admired their mastery of the lightsaber…

Jedi Knight Lum'n Vita from Star Wars X

Jedi Knight: Lumn’Vita

Lumn’Vita is a Jedi Knight who is known to be incredibly adept with a lightsaber. Despite his focus on lightsaber combat, Lumn’Vita possesses other applications of the Force…


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