Full Script for Chapter One of SWX

From GorillaNinja on Thursday - December 23rd, 2010
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Since Dave and I have not made any significant updates in quite some time, we decided to release the full script for chapter one of Star Wars X. It was always agreed that we would release the script after a full year. So here it is. Note that there are spoilers, so if you prefer to wait until the artwork is available, don’t read any further…

A long time ago
In a galaxy far, far away…


Two thousand years before
The rise of the Galactic Empire,
Jedi Master Phanius leaves the Jedi Council
And takes the name Darth Ruin.
He unites several Sith cults,
Organizing the Dark Jedi
Into a new order of Dark Lords of the Sith.
He is eventually betrayed and destroyed.
In the absence of a leader,
The Sith fight both the Jedi and amongst themselves.
This period lasts for one thousand years
And is known as the New Sith Wars.

Darth Morbis leads a Sith cult
Inspired by the Sith Warlord Adas.
Supported by his apprentice Nai’Kage,
Morbis gathers power in an attempt
To return the Dark Jedi to the glory
Of the ancient Sith.

Click on the link below to read the full script

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Darth Maul’s Training Day Artwork From Ornicar

From GorillaNinja on Tuesday - May 18th, 2010
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Darth Maul Training Day
I recently came across this amazing artwork from ornicar at ConceptArt.org. It features an image of Darth Maul attacking a Rancor. It is truly beautiful. Since I will be having a Rancor fight soon in SWX (oops, spoiler alert) , I figure that I would share one of my inspirations.

More Pics after the jump…

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Red Darth Ferra vs Purple Darth Ferra

From GorillaNinja on Thursday - June 4th, 2009
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Red Darth Ferra
Purple Darth Ferra
I originally made Darth Ferra Purple because I thought that purple was a beautiful color for a TwiLek female. However, after talking things over with Dave, it turns out that he wanted Darth Fera to be red. So here are two different colorings of Darth Ferra. The final color for Darth Ferra will be the one that Dave chooses. Which version do you prefer?

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